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About Neucarl

To inspire positive emotions through unique designs

To inspire positive emotions through unique designs

We manufacture high-quality dress watches, with unique designs, in small series, sold at the fair price.

Limited Editions
Pieces only for each edition

Not just another Microbrand

Neucarl is one of the rare microbrands to offer a Swiss mechanical watch designed 100% in-house, from scratch, without any catalog part, for less than $1000. Enjoy independent watchmakers' original and affordable products.



Keep our independence, whatever it costs, no matter what they say. Freedom has no price.



Take the time necessary to bring any idea to life. Rome was not built in a day.



Seek excellence in all areas. The average is sufficient but less funny: you might as well give everything from the start.



We never give up because we choose to strive. Obstacles are part of the journey, that's how it is.



Always put long-term satisfaction ahead of short-term profit, for customers and for ourselves.



Communicate in an authentic, transparent and humble manner. Success is a consequence, not an end.

Neucarl has been featured in famous magazines worldwide

Neucarl is an independent brand founded in 2019. Our vision is to build in the next five years a brand among the most recognized and appreciated by watch enthusiasts for its unique and typical aesthetics, and high level of commitment to its customers.

To give form to a vision.

We trust the creative process to express ourselves, to create something of enduring value. Neucarl has a stylish design, one of a kind, driven by passion.

All along the past year, the company has developed a keen self-awareness and skills to lead the projects that support to its mid-term vision.

Our first customers are in love with our design. They are instinctively attracted by the beautiful style and seek above all the emotion provided by aesthetics. Sensitive to detail, they are subtle and refined, enlightened amateurs in search of the one-of-a-kind object. They are passionate.

Neucarl's intention is to offer a bold, modernist design with retro-futuristic overtones. Largely influenced by the fascinating mid-century Streamline Moderne trend, it borrows from the past and the future to capture the moment.